When I started my business, I was mildly successful in network marketing. I needed help in creating a system that everyone in my organization could use.

Health News created a newspaper on my product and helped me create my own 500 Club for my team. My team used the Health News Newspapers faithfully and I was able to build true retirement income. Over 14 years later, I am still enjoying the fruits of those six months worth of work.

Kevin B.

Referral Rewards

Earn FREE HEALTH NEWS with Referral Rewards

We want to help you create activity and success in your organization. When you help us by referring people to get their sales tools from us, we want to say thank you with FREE HEALTH NEWS newspapers.

You get several significant benefits.

  • First, members of your team are buying one of the best sales tools available anywhere.
  • Second, you are going to get FREE HEALTH NEWS newspapers for your efforts.
  • Third, people will duplicate your efforts and your organization will begin to grow exponentially.

Earning FREE Newspapers

Referral Rewards

For each personally sponsored associate you refer to HEALTH NEWS who places an order of at least 100 newspapers, you will earn 100 FREE newspapers on your next order.

Referral Rewards PRO

Professionals think on a larger scale. With each of your personally sponsored associates gets started building a strong business by ordering at least 500 HEALTH NEWS newspapers, you will earn 200 FREE newspapers on your next order.

The Details

  • When we receive an order, we ask each person who their personal sponsor is in their network marketing company.
  • When one of your personally sponsored associates places an order with us, we will credit you with FREE newspapers for your next order.
    • If they order least 100 newspapers, you will get 100 FREE.
    • If they order least 500 newspapers, you will get 200 FREE.
  • There is no limit to how many free newspapers you can earn, but you can only earn Referral Rewards for each of your personally sponsored associates’ first order with us.
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