When I started my business, I was mildly successful in network marketing. I needed help in creating a system that everyone in my organization could use.

Health News created a newspaper on my product and helped me create my own 500 Club for my team. My team used the Health News Newspapers faithfully and I was able to build true retirement income. Over 14 years later, I am still enjoying the fruits of those six months worth of work.

Kevin B.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The internet is one of the most powerful tools that has ever been created. People can connect with anyone around the world in seconds. The internet is a fantastic tool to find qualified prospects. A qualified prospect is someone who has expressed an interest in receiving your specific product, service, or opportunity.

The Question

How can I effectively use the internet to create new qualified prospects for my business that can be duplicated throughout my organization?

The Answer

The HEALTH NEWS eBook Lead Capture System, a third-party lead capture system where a prospect must provide their contact information to read an eBook. When someone willingly gives you their personal information, they have indicated that they are willing to have you follow up with them to provide them further information about your product.

The Key to Online Marketing

To find leads on the internet, people spend a lot of time and money using Facebook, Twitter, pay per click ads, blogs, and basically any other method they can think of to drive people to a website. The only problem is they don’t have a website properly setup to capture the prospect’s information before they let them learn about their product, service, or opportunity. The consequences for not capturing the proper information can be very expensive in time, money, and effectiveness because you really don’t know who visited your website. After all, if you don’t have someone’s contact information:

  • How do you follow up?
  • How do you know if someone is interested in your product?
  • How do you know if someone visits your website?
  • How do you know anything?
  • How can you be effective at all?

Without a prospect’s contact information (which should include their name, phone number, and email address), you have nothing.

To solve this problem, we created the HEALTH NEWS eBook Lead Capture System. We provide a lead capture page with a form to capture the prospect’s information, and an eBook for the prospect to read as a reward for providing their contact information. When someone willingly gives you their information, they have told you that they have qualified themselves as someone who is interested. It is just like someone reading a HEALTH NEWS newspaper and then calling you.

Making the HEALTH NEWS eBook Lead Capture System Work for You

The key to making the HEALTH NEWS eBook Lead Capture System work is how you drive traffic to the website. Many people understand how advertising works with a traditional business, so let’s compare your website to a typical “brick and mortar” or local business, like a grocery store, to your website. The grocery store advertises in newspapers, on television, on radio, and many other ways to get people to enter their store.

When you are driving traffic to your website, you are focusing your efforts on getting people to visit your business, which on the internet is your landing page on your website. Once at your landing page, you want them to come through the “door” or fill out the information form on your landing page. Now that you know the target activity you want your prospect to do, you just need to find people to come to your website. You are responsible for marketing and promoting your eBook System address: www.downloadmyebook.com/[yourname] to encourage someone to go to your website.

You can use any one of the following methods, or most any other method you can think of, to drive traffic to your website:

  • In your email signatureli>
  • On your Facebook page
  • In messages on Twitter
  • In your LinkedIn profile
  • On your business card
  • Fliers that you create
  • Online banner advertising
  • On your labels you receive
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Pay-per-action advertising
  • Email marketing (no spam!)
  • In classified ads by offering a free eBook
  • Online eZine articles
  • On your blog
  • In other social networks
  • Even in print advertising
  • InInternational Marketing

Another great feature of the eBook Lead Capture System is the ability to build an international business over the internet. For example, with Facebook, you can place ads and have them target specific geographic areas. So if you company is building a business in Australia and you want to build a business there (after all, who doesn’t want to travel to Australia) simply market to people on Facebook in Australia. It really is that easy.

How it Works

The HEALTH NEWS eBook Lead Capture System has several components.

  1. First we provide our customer with a website at www.downloadmyebook.com/<name>. The <name> is usually the customer’s first initial and last name combined.
  2. The first page of the website is designed to create interest from the prospect, and includes a form the prospect must fill out if they want access to the free ebook that contains the rest of the article they read on the first page as well as many other articles about the same topic.
  3. When they fill out the form and click the “Get the eBook” button, they are immediately directed to the eBook and can read all about your product. While the prospect is reading the eBook, you are immediately sent an email that includes the prospect’s contact information, including their name, phone number, and email address. You are then able to immediately follow up with the prospect.
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