With direct mail, we have sent out an average of 10,000 copies of Health News every month for two years. It has been so successful that it has become our primary method to sell our products.

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Cold Market Marketing

Local Market (Cold Market) Marketing

When you need to find additional people in your local area to continue to build your business, you need strategies that work. Remember as you read that Cold Market marketing is not an exact science and you may need to try different methods and locations to find success. What results can you expect to receive? Typically a one percent return in considered successful. Plan you budget accordingly.

Your Own Paper Route

Develop a “Paper Route” where you place stacks of HEALTH NEWS newspapers in local businesses. Go to businesses that have places for people to pick up something to read. Simply ask for permission to place a stack of about 10 copies of HEALTH NEWS newspapers in areas like those listed below. This also opens the door to approach the business owner. See a sample script below.

Also, we have a self-inking stamp available with “COMPLIMENTARY” or “FREE COPY” in large red letters. On the top of every HEALTH NEWS newspaper, use your stamp to indicate to people that they can take the newspaper home with them for free.

Below are a few ideas on types of locations you can work with. You can also fold the newspapers one more time and insert them inside a magazine, maybe on an airplane or on a reading table, for the next person to read. The ideas are as endless as your imagination.

Ideas for Paper Route Locations

Step by Step

You should go back to each location twice a week. Each time you return, you are building a relationship with the business manager or owner. During the third or fourth visit, offer a sample of your product. If they seem interested, continue with the visits. If not, stop going to the location. If you work this system, you can realistically sign up multiple owners every month. The biggest objection most any business owner has is they don’t have enough time. You can offer to use their name and your phone number on the labels and help build their business for them.

Remember to track and trend your results. We have prepared a Paper Route Tracking Chart available to download: Paper Route Tracking Chart

Meetings and Fairs

When you are a vendor at a fair or an expo, you are competing with many other vendors for people’s attention. When you use HEALTH NEWS newspapers, they stand out from everything else. They’re something different for your contacts to look at when they get home from their meeting.

Door Hanging

You can market in your local area by inserting a HEALTH NEWS newspaper into a door hanging bag and hanging it on doors. It can be very successful. In fact, one customer started his business hanging HEALTH NEWS newspapers on 100 to 200 doors a week. He now makes over a million dollars a year with his company.

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