In four months, I went from joining the company as an associate, to earning the highest rank in the company.

How did I do it? By using 500 copies of Health News Newspapers every month, and teaching everyone on my team to do the same. It was so simple to duplicate. Everyone created their own paper routes and handed out Health News Newspapers every day. It was easy to create success!

Steve B.

Warm Market Marketing

Word of Mouth (Warm Market) Marketing

The experiences of thousands of people have proven the most effective techniques for finding new contacts, also called prospecting. Your warm market is all of the people within your circle of influence that you already know: your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and relatives, among others. Remember that the successful salesperson actually spends 80% to 90% of their time finding new contacts with whom to share their opportunity. Your success depends on your efforts to keep as many people as possible active in your Prospecting Pipeline. The goal is to keep as many people as you can progressing through the various stages. You can use the Tracking Chart to keep track of exactly where your contacts are and what they need to make it through to the end of the Prospecting Pipeline as a success and a member of your team.

You can use HEALTH NEWS to build your warm market.

Reconnect with Family and Friends

Many people want to share information with their family and friends, but are either hesitant or have possibly already burned a bridge. Now you can let a professional publication with credibility introduce your product to your family and friends instead of you.

Your New Business Card

A typical business card has your logo, your personal information, and maybe a short message. When you use a HEALTH NEWS newspaper as your business card, you are still sharing your personal information which is on the label on the back page. You are also sharing all of the information about your product. You are giving your contact enough information to make an informed decision right away.

Prepare an “Info Pack”

You can combine a HEALTH NEWS newspaper with other marketing tools you use and place them in one of our clear plastic Door Hanging Bags. Because you are handing the “Info Pack” out to someone you know, you can include more than just the newspaper. Just remember to not staple, paper clip, or affix the other items to the newspaper in any way.

Some other items you may include: A sample of your product, a brochure, a CD or DVD, or even a magazine.

Saving Money on Taxes Pays for Your Sales Tools

Although the IRS will not allow you write off 100 percent of your mileage, you want to be able to claim as much as possible. You can turn most any errand into a business trip if you make business the primary purpose of the trip. Make prospecting for your business the primary purpose of the errand, rather than the grocery store or dry cleaners by always having some HEALTH NEWS newspapers ready to be handed out wherever you go.

So if you need to take your daughter to piano lessons and you give a HEALTH NEWS newspaper with your name and phone number on it to one of the other parents who are picking up or dropping off their kids, then your trip is considered primarily business and you can write off the miles you traveled. It’s just that easy. Remember that your first trip from your home and your last trip back are not tax deductible. The solution is to stop at a convenience store close to your home on your way out and on your way back, and write it down.

While at the convenience store, hand out a HEALTH NEWS newspaper to someone, or even just place it on the counter. You are now actively involved in prospecting and everywhere you drive is tax deductible mileage. Keep track of where you place one or more HEALTH NEWS newspapers and you can legally, morally, and ethically deduct your mileage expenses.

Here’s where it gets good. The 2014 rate for mileage deductions in the United States is $0.56 per mile. So for every 1,000 miles you drive that are tax deductible, you will receive $560 in tax deductions. If you drive 12,000 miles in a year that are tax deductible, that is an extra $6,720 in tax deductions. Depending on your tax rate, you can save literally thousands of dollars on your taxes by using HEALTH NEWS newspapers as a prospecting tool.

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