In four months, I went from joining the company as an associate, to earning the highest rank in the company.

How did I do it? By using 500 copies of Health News Newspapers every month, and teaching everyone on my team to do the same. It was so simple to duplicate. Everyone created their own paper routes and handed out Health News Newspapers every day. It was easy to create success!

Steve B.

What We Do

The Challenge

Finding people who want what you have to offer. You know you can help people find better health, better wealth, and a better life. But how do you find the people who want it?

The Solution

HEALTH NEWS newspapers are one of the best sales tools ever created. They help people decide for themselves if they are interested in your product. People become prospects because they want to.

The System

Over 100,000 people have found success using HEALTH NEWS newspapers. It’s successful and duplicatable!

Facts Tell and Stories Sell

What makes someone want to buy something? Is it the detailed information about the product, all the ways it can help you, or all the ways you can use it? No.

What sells a product is simply how someone likes the way the product looks, smells, or even how it has helped others. In other words, how the product is presented to the buyer, particularly the product’s story, determines the value and desirability of a product.

The iPod® from Apple® is a great example. One of the first commercials about an iPod® was a person, shown in shadow form, with a colored background, dancing, holding an iPod® in their hand with the iPod® and headphones in white. The music was very loud and the dancer was giving it their all. Did Apple® tell about the new iPod® with all its features and benefits, or did they simply show a person having a lot of fun with a personal music player? In fact, you are probably remembering the entire commercial right now.

The most powerful way to connect with someone about your product is through compelling storytelling. Do you remember “Bo knows...” from Nike®? What about people helping each other and paying it forward by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company? We could go on and on.

So the question becomes, how can you tell your story and the others who have experience with your product? If you have a story about a natural health product, the answer is quite simple, you can’t. That is how the government regulates the natural supplement industry, by not allowing stories of experiences with dietary supplements to be told.

But, we have a solution. Since 1994, we have been telling stories about people’s experiences with natural health supplements. We tell the stories from a third-party perspective, never mentioning product or company names. We have been privileged to have interviewed over 1,500 people about their stories of how natural supplements have helped them. These stories have helped literally millions of people discover a natural solution for their problems. A result of these stories, we have helped over 100,000 people who have used HEALTH NEWS newspapers to build a business. Because we tell stories the right way, you now have a way to share stories legally and effectively.

HEALTH NEWS is the most powerful tool you can use because facts tell and stories sell.

What You Need to Know to Get Started

In network marketing, the key to success is duplication, or having a system that anyone can follow to become successful. HEALTH NEWS newspapers are without question the most duplicatable lead generation tool ever created. Anyone can hand a newspaper to someone or place a stack in a beauty salon. Even better, anyone can pick up a HEALTH NEWS newspaper and read it.

That is why so much success has been created for so many different people. We have helped distributors from hundreds of different network marketing companies create tremendously successful organizations. HEALTH NEWS newspapers have been the catalyst in creating exponential growth in many different companies. The end result of using HEALTH NEWS newspapers is very simple: You can successfully create new customers in a way that can be duplicated by anyone!

Lead Generation with HEALTH NEWS

HEALTH NEWS began in 1994 when we realized the need for professional third-party literature. We have created hundreds of HEALTH NEWS newspapers with well over 1,500 articles by interviewing people with experiences about natural health and/or business experience. We believe in education marketing. We help people become informed about a product, service, or opportunity through stories. Then they can make a decision for themselves if they want to learn more or buy now. When a person reads and learns about something on their own, they feel empowered, not intimidated, and they feel good about making an educated decision for themselves. This soft-sell technique is the most effective way to share a product with someone, and helps you filter through all of your potential prospects to find the ones who want what you have to offer. Education marketing through compelling storytelling works. Let HEALTH NEWS do the work for you.

Third Party Marketing with HEALTH NEWS

HEALTH NEWS International is an independent company that produces literature that shares information through compelling storytelling about natural health ingredients and topics. We are often asked questions about how to use HEALTH NEWS to share information about natural health with others and comply with the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act of 1994 (commonly referred to as the DSHEA Act). Third-party literature may be defined as follows: any literature (CD, DVD, HEALTH NEWS newspaper, eBook, book, magazine, etc.) that does NOT mention the name of a product or the name of the product’s manufacturer.

If the product or the product manufacturer is mentioned, the literature is considered first-party to that particular product or to the product manufacturer. When you do find professional third-party information that you would like to share with someone, you must follow certain guidelines to make sure it remains third-party.

  1. Any information placed on the third-party literature must NOT include any statement to be directly associated with the product or the product manufacturer.
  2. Never place a website on the third-party information that points to information about a product or the product manufacturer. For example, never place a website such as: www.productname.com on your third-party information.
  3. Never use the name of a product or product manufacturer as part of an email address. For example, an email address that could cause concern would be [productname]@example.com.

The entire purpose of using third-party literature is to generate interest about the natural ingredient that is mentioned and create a phone call or email to you. HEALTH NEWS is professional third-party literature that’s ready to use. After you get your prospect’s contact information, then you may share information about the product or product manufacturer with them, including websites, company presentations, or any other method. By following these simple guidelines, you are prospecting smart and safe. In other words, HEALTH NEWS “sells the sizzle and you sell the steak.”

Personal Branding with HEALTH NEWS

When you have a home-based business, you work for yourself. You have the ability to generate leads and sell products to anyone and everyone.

In network marketing, you have the opportunity to have all the products created for you, saving you a lot of time and money. The challenge is that you are essentially in competition with every other distributor from your company to find new customers and associates. How do you distinguish yourself? What can you do to make yourself stand out? The first step is realizing that you are in business for yourself. You need to market your own business and your own name, not the name of the company with which you are associated.

How do you “brand” yourself? Always place your own information on any material that could end up in a prospect’s hand. NEVER place the name of the company or a product name of the company with which you are associated. When you stay an independent company, a prospect must come back to you for more information. This eliminates a prospect going to a search engine on the internet and finding the top distributor in your company and “going around you” to sign up with someone else.

Building your personal brand will bring you tremendous success from your marketing efforts.

Preparing Your HEALTH NEWS Newspapers

HEALTH NEWS is a sales tool that helps you find people who are interested in your product. To properly prepare your newspapers, you need to apply the labels we sent you in your order to your newspapers. With every newspaper you buy, we give you a FREE peel and stick contact label where you can print your name, up to two phone numbers, and your email address. If you have an eBook Lead Capture System with us, you can also include your link.

If you also ordered the Premium Labels, place one on the front page in the Mailing Information box. This label includes a strong call to action that helps your potential prospects be motivated to pick up the phone and call you.

By placing the labels on the newspapers, you are now ready to make things happen. Remember this is third-party marketing (see Page 2), so do not place your company name or product name anywhere on the newspaper.

Front Page Box - Premium Label / Mailing Information Box

Place a Premium Label with a strong call to action that stands out and motivates your prospects to action.

You can choose from four (4) different messages available:

  1. CALL NOW for More Information about ...
  2. CALL NOW for a FREE Sample of ...
  3. CALL NOW for the next Health and Wellness Workshop in your area and more information about ...
  4. CALL NOW for the next Health and Wellness Workshop in your area and your FREE Sample of ...

Use our online template to print your information: name, up to two (2) phone numbers, email, and your eBook Lead Capture System address. You can also hand write or use a printed address label for mailing.

Back Page Box - For More Information Box

With every newspaper you buy, we provide a FREE Peel and Stick label to personalize your newspaper to you.

With each label, you can use our online template to print your info:

  1. Your Name
  2. Up to two (2) phone numbers
  3. Your email address
  4. Your eBook Lead Capture System address.


To help people know they can pick up a HEALTH NEWS newspaper and take it with them, we have self-inking stamps available with “COMPLIMENTARY” or “FREE COPY” in large red letters. The best place our customers have found to stamp HEALTH NEWS newspapers is on the top of the paper above the middle box.

A Truly Duplicatable Solution:

The HEALTH NEWS 500 Club

The following story is how one of our customers created the HEALTH NEWS 500 Club, which has proven itself as one of the most successful and duplicatable ways to find qualified prospects who are ready to buy. You can also create your own HEALTH NEWS 500 Club and make success happen for you and your organization!

When I started using HEALTH NEWS newspapers, I was on a fixed income. I wanted success. so I decided I would use all my marketing money on 500 copies of HEALTH NEWS newspapers every month to grow my business.

I had great results and I wanted to find a way to duplicate my efforts throughout my organization, even though it was still very small. I called it my HEALTH NEWS 500 Club, and anyone in my organization who wanted to use 500 copies of the HEALTH NEWS newspapers every month could join me in creating success.

At first I only had myself and a few other people in my HEALTH NEWS 500 Club. As we each used 500 copies a month, the success really started to build. Soon we had about 10 people join our 500 Club. Their success showed that anyone can be successful if they worked.

As time went on, we duplicated our efforts, and whenever someone would join my team, we would have them commit to also joining our 500 club.

Eventually we had tens of thousands of HEALTH NEWS newspapers being used every month and I went from a fixed social security income in a small town in the middle of nowhere, to having me and many members of my organization having significant five figure incomes.

We were so successful that I shared my story with HEALTH NEWS and that is where they came up with the HEALTH NEWS 500 Club. If you create your own HEALTH NEWS 500 Club and duplicate your efforts, you can have the same kind of success I have had.

~ Bonnie J.

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